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Are you a craft beer enthusiast, a home brewer who samples a lot, or just highly opinionated?  Well, join the club, and join the EOT Team (sort of)!  Submit your own review of any beer that strikes your fancy.  It can be a craft beer from a small, family brewery, a commercial beer from a large, national brewery, or it can even be a concoction you’ve whipped up in your own home brewing lab!

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User Reviews


Brewing Company: Good People Brewing Company

Beer: Coffee Oatmeal Stout

Review: By Chris Headrick

If you enjoy hoppy beer, a good stout, and enjoy the rich, coffee flavor throw in, then you’ll want to try a glass of the complex, richly flavored Coffee Oatmeal Stout crafted by the Good People Brewing Company. C-O-S is a dark beer, on the bitter side of the flavor spectrum, and contains Columbus and Williamette (packs a wallop) hops, along with pale malt and five other specialty malts to deliver one superior tasting beer!  It’s 5.7% ABV (Alcohol by Volume), and is perfect, in my opinion, paired with a rich meal or even with a desert offering.  Think of it just like you would a cup of coffee with your favorite desert, and then if you want something special to go with that cheesecake, you might try a full glass of C-O-S