California Allows Brewers To Sell At Farmers’ Markets: EOT Beer News

In yet another step toward the appreciation of California’s great wine and craft beer culture, Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a bill (AB 2004) that will allow craft brewers to sell packaged beer at California farmers’ markets. By comparison, wine has always been allowed. Moreover, this same bill also allows craft brewers to sell their beer at their own private events.

According to Tom McCormick, executive director of the California Craft Brewers Association (CCBA), “AB 2004 provides craft brewers parity with the privileges currently enjoyed by the wine industry. As the popularity and number of craft breweries grows, AB 2004 assists brewers in reaching new consumers and allowing them to meet the demand of the growing industry.”

Dave Gull, owner of New Helvetia Brewing, said, “Having the ability to sell our product at local farmers’ markets is a great opportunity to visit with customers and engage with the community. We are a local brewery and rely on the local support to continue to grow our business.”

The fact that AB 2004 passed through California’s Congress without any opposition, is an encouraging sign of California’s love of food, wine, craft beer, and good living. Hopefully, this trend will continue not only in California, but in other states as well.