“Brewland” Indie Documentary Examines US Craft Beer: EOT Beer News

Photo: Chris Lohring from Notch Brewing.

It is no secret that craft beer has become a vital part of US culture in the last several decades. Gone are the days when mass-produced, flavorless beers were the drink of choice for most Americans. These days, people know their Saisons from their IPAs. And craft beer has affected US culture in more ways than merely the quality of the beer.  These days, it seems like everyone and their cousin is either homebrewing, or quitting their job to open a micro-brewery. On top of that, many cities, such as Portland and Chicago, have developed their own craft beer subculture. What is the craft beer movement all about? The film Brewland will explore this question.

BREWLAND™ is a feature-length documentary exploring the growing craft beer industry in the United States. The most successful and popular brewers share their views on how craft beer grew from its humble beginnings to the massive industry it is today. The film is a “coming of age” tale about an industry struggling to define its identity in an ever-changing environment growing at an unsustainable pace.

In order to accomplish this important task, the filmmakers have already had contact with and interviewed many key figures in the craft beer industry.

To date, BREWLAND™ has already interviewed a wide-range of figures within the craft brew industry from Massachusetts, Vermont, and New York. It has reached such nationally recognized figures as Jim Koch, the founder of SAMUEL ADAMS®, Alan Newman, one of the founders of the MAGIC HAT BREWING COMPANY and Dan Kenary, the founder of HARPOON along with locally recognized brewers such as John Kimmich of THE ALCHEMIST, Shaun Hill of HILL FARMSTEAD, and in an exclusive interview; Alan Davis of the late CATAMOUNT BREWERY.

The documentary is being made by Rough Water Films, which is a film company based in Boston. Some of their other projects include a film set during the Civil War, and a documentary, dark comedy film set during the American Revolution. The company has chosen to seek funding through the crowdfuding website Indiegogo: “BREWLAND is offering a number of exciting perks attached to their campaign including a custom American Apparel Hoodie of Brewland ($80 contribution); a Brewland custom home brew ($105 contribution); and a brewing session with the crew at Hopster’s in Newton ($2500 contribution).”

This should prove to be a very interesting and enlightening project. There is no doubt that the craft beer movement in the US has changed many things, and grew up almost overnight out of nothing. If you are interested in contributing to the funding of the project, or if you have any other questions about the film, please contact Matthew Parola (mparola@roughwaterfilms.com) or Mike Sills (msills@roughwaterfilms.com). Check out more at www.brewlandfilm.com.