Full Pint White Lightning Belgian Ale Review: Crisp, Mild Refreshment

White Lightning comes from the Full Pint Brewing Company whose official website stands as a celebration for an eclectic and eccentric collection of brews that they deliver. This one in particular, promises a crisp and refreshing beer all year round.

Accented with orange peels, coriander and Grains of Paradise, White Lightning was intriguing for what appeared to be a promising delivery of flavor, refreshment, and just the right amount of bitterness, at 18 IBU

Bottle: The bottle features a what looks like a mythical deity of some sort as he wields a bolt of lightning, about to let loose while in the other hand, he grasps a large mug of frothy beer, likely a large serving of White Lightning.

Pour: White Lightning has a moderately sized head with a light golden color to it.

Flavor: This beer will have those who don’t agree with the taste. Not thick, even by Belgian White Ale standards, and not bitter in the least, White Lightning delivers a mild wheat flavor at the end of the taste.

Aroma: The operative word of this review: mild. A very light scent that is complimented with wheat and a hint of those orange peels.

Mouthfeel: Talk about smooth. White Lightning is an incredibly smooth beer. Almost too smooth at first, it comes back with a crisp aftertaste and doesn’t leave you wanting more.

Structure: Light and refreshing, as advertised. Not as complex as I had hoped as it has two, maybe three layers, but still a beer that doesn’t wear itself out, and becomes a fun experience in tasting.

Food Pairing: This would work well with seafood, as does white wine. The light, crisp taste with the laid back flavor would compliment a haddock quite nicely.

Overall: With a mild taste and scent, White Lightning didn’t give me the full experience I have perhaps been spoiled with in some thicker, more bitter beers. It is, however, a refreshing departure from those beers and can delight those looking for a crisp Belgian Ale.

Overall Rating Out of 5 Beer Mugs:

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