Marin Brewing 3 Flowers Rye IPA Review: Different And Delightful

Sometimes, you find a beer that is delightful in its own way and suits your own palate personally. This ale from Marin Brewing is such a beer.

Marin Brewing describes its history like this:

In the late 1980’s, Craig Tasley, a Marin County native with a background in restaurant management, teamed up with Brendan Moylan, an accountant turned brewer, with a specific goal in mind: provide the residents of Marin County with a brewpub offering the highest quality brews, a comfortable welcoming atmosphere, and delicious pub fare. With the help of their supportive families and a handful of eager investors, this dynamic pair was able to create their dream.

On April Fools Day, 1989, Craig and Brendan proudly opened the doors of Marin Brewing Company, offering Marin County its first taste of what would go on to be a globally award winning Microbrewery. Right out of the gate, in October 1989, Marin Brewing Company won the first four of what would become many medals at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. Meanwhile, back at home, Marin Brewing Company was quickly becoming the go-to place for beer enthusiasts. It was a dream come true for long-time die-hard home brewer, Brendan Moylan.

Arne Johnson has been the Brewmaster since he joined the MBC team in 1995, after successfully finishing a structured apprenticeship under brewer/mentor, Grant Johnston, who was Marin Brewing Company’s first Brewmaster, in conjunction with the American Brewers Guild. Well known and admired throughout the brewing community, Arne continues to brew high quality ales that are produced on-site with all natural ingredients. He keeps the restaurant full of award winning classic brews named after our beloved local landmarks, such as Mt. Tam Pale Ale, San Quentin’s Breakout Stout, Pt. Reyes Porter, and Eldridge Grade White Knuckle Double I.P.A., while also pushing the envelope with innovative new brews such as the E.S. Chi Herbal Tonic Ale and Orange & Black Congrats Ale brewed as a special celebration ale for the World Champion San Francisco Giants. Over the years, as the demand for its award winning beer grew, Marin Brewing Company expanded, added additional fermentation tanks, and still struggles to keep up with the high demand.

Marin describes 3 Flowers IPA thus:

3 Flowers IPA is a straw colored Rye IPA. The three flowers referred to are Citra, Cascade, and Chinook hops, which are cast into the brew liberally, and contribute a lovely citrusy, floral aroma and a firm yet balancing bitterness. Malted rye and flaked rye, gently added to the grist of this refreshing brew, bestow an engaging dry spiciness and luscious mouth feel upon the imbiber.

Marin Brewing 3 Flowers Rye IPA (6.5% ABV) is at heart an ale, meaning that it is top-fermented and warm-fermented. As an IPA (India Pale Ale), it contains a large amount of hops. Rye tends to impart a bitter spiciness to a beer, which is a very pleasing flavor to those of us who love a really bitter IPA to begin with.

Everything On Tap Review: Marin Brewing 3 Flowers Rye IPA:

Bottle: The bottle is of medium-dark brown glass. The label is standard rectangular and mallard green. The logo on the top of the label is oval and depicts an egret. The lettering is yellow and white.

Pour: The color is purely golden and slightly hazy. The head is one-finger thick, pure white, and quite dense. It dissipates at a moderate rate, leaving light lacing.

Aroma: The bouquet begins with a distinct, but mild, rye spiciness. Then, floral hops compliment the rye. Overall, I would have liked the aroma to have been more pungent.

Flavor: Let me begin by saying that, while the flavor palate of this ale is excellent, I simply wish it were more pronounced. I personally like an IPA that is almost excessive in its flavor strength, but I also understand that no everyone does. The flavor begins with nice, bitter, spicy rye grains, along with some yeasty, toasted bread. Then the hops take over as bitter, floral, and piney elements. The finish allows some sweetish caramel to come through. Overall, the flavor palate is wonderful.

Mouthfeel: The overall body is medium with medium-to-high carbonation that is crisp and clean.

Structure: The structure is solid and balanced, no doubt thanks to the rye.

Food Pairing: Pair this spicy, bitter ale with Beef Wellington; strong, aged cheeses; roast beef, duck, or lamb; and even with spicy Asian food or spicy Louisiana jambalaya.

Overall Rating Out Of 5 Possible Beer Mugs:

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