Ovila Belgian-Style Abbey Saison Review: A Craft Worth Meditating On

Bottle: The bottle is a dark brown glass with a thick rim. The cap is not a conventional one but instead, its kept fresh with a large cork held in by a muselet. This variety of Ovila is made with mandarin oranges and peppercorns, thus, it is given a pale tan label.

Pour: Orange-amber coloring with a thick foam and good lacing left behind.

Aroma: It is a surprisingly layered blend of the mandarin oranges, peppercorn, and the ale base that makes a mysterious scent in to an intriguing flavor.

Flavor: The taste of the mandarin orange is sorely missed in the flavor. Not that I wanted this to be a predominantly orange-flavored brew such as the ultra-popular Shock Top, but I would have enjoyed even a fleeting sense of their presence. The peppercorn instead takes precedence and creates a bold flavor that doesn’t overpower the senses. The ale flavor also has its part in this brew. It follows the peppercorn nicely but doesn’t interfere with the featured flavor.

Mouthfeel: Velvety and smooth. It isn’t as crisp as I expected but that is not a detriment in the least. A testament to creating a flavorful and full-bodied beer that also knows its place as an ale, leaving a dry finish.

Structure: While having already touched on the lack of a the mandarin oranges, this Abbey Saison still provides a pleasant flavor, worthy of your enjoyment.

Food Pairing: Food pairing is optional. The thick foam doesn’t lend itself to a light lunch but instead a full dinner, with the peppercorn and dry ale complimenting whatever your formal dinner has to offer.

Overall Rating Out of 5 Beer Mugs:

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