Harpoon Summer Beer: Seasonal Ale Built for Summer

Summer is here and with it, the aptly named ‘Summer Beer’ by the Harpoon brewing company, which is located in Boston, Mass.

Bottle: The bottle’s label doesn’t have too much going on. Pale blue and white trim with a Yellow base on both the neck of the bottle and its main label. A fisherman stands in a frame on the neck’s label while a harpoon sits behind the beer’s title on the main label.

Pour: A golden and translucent hue sit beneath a thin and swiftly dissipating head of foam.

Aroma: Almost none. A beer that is meant to inspire a casual Summer almost does its job too well, leaving out inspirations of even common summer scents like lemon and fruit. It has a light and brisk scent. No wheat or hops, just a light hint of an equally light ale.

Flavor: The flavor was pleasant in my tasting. It wasn’t overwhelming and it also wasn’t too thick. It was a subtle ale flavor with little depth. As with the aroma, it didn’t have any distinct wheat or hops in the flavor. Refreshing, as labeled.

Mouthfeel: The operative word of this review is again repeated: light. The mouthfeel gives a very light and clean finish, which is perfect if you plan on having more than one.

Structure: Not much of a structure. Muted flavor but definitely fit for a long Summer afternoon.

Food Pairing: It lives up to Summer. Not too much and perfect to pair with the festivities of a Summer day. Great for quick food, not a formal dinner, but still, potential is abound in the way of putting this beer to use.

Overall Rating Out of 5 Beer Mugs:

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