Victory Brewing Co. – Golden Monkey Review: No Monkey Business in this Premium Ale

Bottle: The bottle was an immediate detraction, at least for me. The ‘Victory’ name is on the cap, the logo of the neck, and also sitting atop the logo of the main label. I found this potentially confusing for first time drinkers of craft beers from the Victory brewing company. If the beer’s name was ‘Victory’, then the labeling would be appropriate. The monkey itself is portraying the ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ with an all-seeing eye on its stomach.

Pour: The pour is a vibrant golden hue that clearly relates to the name of the beer and a result of it being a tripel ale. A moderate rate of foam dissipation and a fine lacing.

Aroma: A deep and rich scent exits the bottle as soon as the cap is taken off. It has a subtle hint of spice with a clean ale scent.

Flavor: That signature ale taste follows the trigger scent that proceeded it. It is a flavorful beer whose spices explode on each sip. That, matched with a pleasant ale that has a robust flavor. As for the bitter taste associated with beer in all forms, Golden Monkey has no such taste. It goes down and delivers a follow-up aftertaste that reminds you of the base flavor of the beer, but has subtle changes in the variation of spices as they are released.

Mouthfeel: The foam is thick on the attack, which compliments the flavor and makes for a great beer to pair with a meal, but that will be covered in a later category. The carbonation is present but mild. Far from underwhelming, it creates a habitable environment for the beer and helps to create depth for the flavors to come.

Structure: It is a thick beer on the initial attack but thins out as it sits in your mouth (as it releases the aforementioned spices). It leaves a foamy coating in your mouth for a few moments afterwards.

Food Pairing: The food pairing was perhaps my favorite feature about Golden Monkey. It’s thick start, clean middle, and foamy remnants at the end of each drink make it ideal for matching it with a large meal.

Overall Rating out of  5 Possible Beer Mugs:

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