Blue Point Brewing Company – Hoptical Illusion Review: Quality That Leaves No Mystery

Friends Mark Burford and Peter Cotter have always had a love for craft beers and now, they operate premier New York-based craft brewery Blue Point Brewery was made. 

The Long Island based brewery has been a New York staple for sometime and rose to #42 of the top 50 breweries (based on volume of sales) by the Brewer’s Association in 2009.

Besides the art of crafting beer, they also specialize in the food pairing of crafts as I mention later in the review as perhaps the strongest asset of this India pale ale, Hoptical Illusion.

Everything On Tap Review: Blue Point Brewing Company – Hoptical Illusion Review:

Bottle: The bottle is what drew my eye in the first place, and that’s because there was one looking back at me. I’m a sucker for a fun, creative, or generally interesting label that I comes across and Hoptical Illusion had me out of the gate. It isn’t a spectacular work of art but simple purple and orange labeling with the all-seeing eye on both the bottle and the cap commanded my attention long enough to make the decision to buy it.

Pour: A thick and slowly dissipating head of white foam crowns a golden amber shade that is perfectly transparent.

Aroma: The aroma is a fruity one whose layers and depth can be picked up from a cursory smell. Aroma once freshly poured reveals even more layers of flavor and creates a thick and potent atmosphere just above the rim of the glass.

Flavor: A full flavor on the attack, this ale’s initial flavor simmers down if held in the mouth. It reveals a bitter swallow, but the pleasant and satisfying taste of hops pokes through the bitterness and finishes smooth.

Mouthfeel: It comes in layers not just in flavor, but also in mouthfeel. Depending on the stage of the drink you’ve taken, you will experience a slightly different feel. A calm first impression is followed by an intense release of the beer’s carbonation when you swallow. The finish is smooth, but it also isn’t too dry as to leave you without a lingering sense of a craft beer’s presence.

Structure: The structure is perhaps the most satisfying part of the experience. It is a multi-faceted beer that surprises, sip-by-sip in the unveiling of new textures and sensations like the carbonation release as mentioned in the above section.

Food Pairing: A strong first flavor and a slightly bitter follow make this beer perfect for food pairing with dinners or a big lunch. The flavor helps it become a desirable mealtime beverage but the bitter follow allows the mouth to neutralize as to not have the taste of the beer interfere too much with that of the food, and vice versa.

Overall Rating Out of 5 Possible Beer Mugs: