Port City Porter Review: Bittersweet Memories

Alexandria, Virginia has a long history as an important city in colonial America, as well as an important sea port. In only seems fitting, then, that the name of this beer is Port City Porter. Port City Brewery was founded in 2011 as the first brewery in Alexandria since Prohibition! It is thus incredibly frustrating that the company’s own website does not give any other details about its history. Breweries in general really need to work on this aspect of their public relations elements: please, please give us more information on your websites. The company is also rather well-known in Alexandria for turning a 2012 batch of over-warm, fermenting pilsner ito a steam beer during an electricity blackout, thus saving the batch and managing to sell it.

Port City Brewery offers four basic brews: an IPA, a pale ale, a Belgian white ale, and the Port City Porter (7.2% ABV) currently under consideration. A porter is basically a stout, which means that it is a top-fermented, warm-fermented ale brewed from dark-roasted, malted grains. A porter is generally considered a beer with a sweet aroma and flavor (sweet in terms of beer), a dark color, and mild carbonation.

Everything On Tap Review – Port City Porter:

Bottle: The bottle is made of dark-brown glass. The label is a muted black-grey with white lettering. The logo is a blue diamond, wider than it is tall, with yellow lettering.

Pour: The color is dark brown to black, very opaque. The head is half a finger plus some thick, dense, and light tan-khaki. It dissipates moderately quickly, leaving thick lacing and a glass ring.

Aroma: The aroma is fairly simple, showing malted dark chocolate and black coffee.

Flavor: The flavor is a bit more complex, showing not only chocolate and coffee, but also a nice base of raisins, currants, and even a slight undertone of saltiness with roasted malt. The finish is sweet and dissipates quickly.

Mouthfeel: The body is medium-thick, typical for a porter. The carbonation is light but present. There is a watery and astringent element as well.

Structure: The structure is thin to medium and moderately complex, but only moderately so.

Food Pairing: A decent porter like this begs for Southern barbecue. Also pair it with raw oysters on the half-shell, as well as light, hard cheeses.

Overall Rating Out of 5 Possible Beer Mugs: