Stone Brewery Eyes Cincinnati and Greensboro: EOT Beer News

If you follow beer news, then you know that California’s Stone Brewery is heavily involved in beer politics and the craft beer industry and culture. They have also been expanding enormously throughout their operation. One aspect of this expansion is the building of another brewery somewhere very eastward of California.

According to sources, Stone Brewing is considering Richmond, Virginia; Norfolk, Virginia; Greenville, South Carolina; and Cincinnati, Ohio (my former home).

Says Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan, “I believe we should be the number one spot.” I am sure the mayors of the other possible cities would say the same for their city.

Natty Greene’s owner Kayne Fisher adds, “You look at other areas that are booming: Asheville, Charlotte, they are little bit crowded. We have room here.”

Wherever they may decide to build their new brewery, Stone Brewery plans to invest $60 million over a period of five years. They will also add an estimated 328 jobs over three years, to whichever city they choose. I am partial to Cincinnati, but may the best city win!

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