Shiner Bock Sales Boom In New York City: EOT Beer News

Shiner Bock is a beer born and raised in Texas, and Texans love it. The beer has seen a shining success in Texas and the surrounding states, and recently has begun sales in Rhode Island of all places. Before April of 2013, Shiner Bock fans living in New York City had two ways to obtain some bottles. First, they could travel to Texas and bootleg it across the nation. Second, they could find a New York bar that had found ways to obtain the beer (speakeasy?). One such bar was Rodeo Bar in Murray Hill (my old neighborhood, by the way). But unless you traveled cross-continent frequently and had a big trunk, or knew the special places to find the stuff, it was impossible to enjoy a cold Shiner Bock in the Big Apple. Happily, that has changed.

The Shiner Brewery worked with Manhattan Beer Distributors to distribute beer not only in Manhattan, but also in the other four boroughs of New York City. Now, you can find Shiner Bock in countless bars, pubs, and restaurants across the Great Babylon. For displaced Texans, this is great news, as it is for the company, and for craft beer fans everywhere. As of today, Shiner Bock can be purchased in 44 states. And here’s the really big news: in the first year of New York sales alone, over 100,000 cases of Shiner Bock were sold in New York City. It looks like Texans are not the only ones excite about this news. From Everything On Tap, congratulations Shiner, and let’s hope that all craft beer continues to enter the lives of as many people as possible.

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