Craft Beer Lover? Check out the CraftShack!

I’ll share a scenario with you.  Let’s say you have money to burn, and the economy hasn’t put a dent in your wallet the size of a beer keg.  Let’s say you love craft beer, but don’t have a very good selection in the town where you reside.  Let’s finish with the scenario that there are no craft beer breweries where you reside either.  If any of that applies to you, then you might want to check out the CraftShack. is an online store where craft beer lovers can order a multitude of great craft beers, and get them shipped direct to your door for your enjoyment.  Their slogan is simply, We Ship Craft Beer! and you can bet they do it well!  Whether you love to drink great craft beers, home brew or collect them, chances are good the CraftShack has what you need.  Yes, even Home Brewers often order specialty crafts just to get an idea for a new recipe or direction to go in.

Double_Bastard_Ale_22OZ_BTL_mediumFor example, CraftShack’s Deal of the Day is a Double Bastard Ale 2012.  This beer rated 100 on, and comes, like most of their offerings, in sizes of either 22 ounce bottle, or 3L bottle.  Their special price for the Deal of the Day is just $5.49 for a 22 ounce bottle.

In addition to their Deal of the Day, CraftShack features a number of craft beer selections on their landing page.  Today, just a few examples of the featured selections include an Almanac Bourbon Sour Porter, Almanac Dogpatch Sour Ale, Alamanac Golden Gate Gose, and more.  They also feature many other selections as well.

In addition to a great craft beer selection, they all sell cider and beef jerky (Lawless variety).  While I not much on cider, or even hard cider, I admit to being a beef jerky junky, so that addition to their stock is a welcome one.  They also offer nifty features on the web site, such as gift cards, and you can search for the Brewery of your choice to see if the CraftShack has that favorite in stock.

Okay, back to our scenario:  You got money to burn?  Even if not, you’ll find that the prices are quite competitive at the CraftShack.  Do you pine for a better selection of craft beers where you live?  No worries!  The CraftShack has what you need.  Like to engage in the art of Homebrewing?  While the CraftShack doesn’t have supplies for such hobbies, they do have a great selection of crafts that will provide years of inspiration.  So what are you waiting for?  Hop (no pun intended) on over to the CraftShack today! Cheers!


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