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I usually try to keep up with all the latest, breaking stories on the craft beer and home brewing news front, but when I got an email from Sam Gimbel, Co-Founder & CEO of BrewCrate, Inc., I had to wonder how I missed this amazing gem!  BrewCrate is literally an oasis for home brewers, whether seasoned or just a beginner, providing easy to use home brew kits.

If you’re new to home brewing or haven’t tried it yet at all, BrewCrate’s kits might be an obvious choice to get you started, but even if you’re a seasoned home brewing veteran, BrewCrate has a great deal to offer!

Why would you want to use BrewCrate?  The main benefit of their service is simply the ease of use!  All you have to do is sign up (at an incredible price!), wait a few days, and you’ll get your kit shipped direct to your doorstep with everything you need to brew!  Regular shipments come in a timely fashion to keep your brewing and your expertise growing!  Newbies to home brewing will rejoice to be learning the ropes, and veterans will find the ease of the kits and recipes an interesting and easy way to try new brew flavors they may never had tried.

BrewCrate may be new to the business, but they’re not new to beer, so you can expect to get just what you want, at a great price, and see tons of new features in the coming months.

Perhaps you love craft beer, and are aware of the growing industry, but have never been interested in trying home brewing.  You might be wondering what’s so great about home brewing?  The fine folks at BrewCrate were asked that same question recently, and I can think of no better answer than the one they gave…

What ISN’T satisfying about it? It’s an ancient craft with tons of history, and it’s truly a scientific pursuit. There’s a saying: ‘Brewers make wort (non-alcoholic barley tea). Yeast makes beer.’ By brewing you are participating in one of the coolest biological ecosystems imaginable: fermentation. Plus, the end result is delicious. Brewing couples the fun and accomplishment of cooking with the zen-like aspects of building skill with a hobby. And, because of the recent explosion of interest in craft beer, it’s a great talking point at parties. I think most importantly, though, it allows the brewer to create something much more delicious and personal than the faceless bottles and cans you find at a grocery store.

So why not try BrewCrate?  Perhaps you’ve always been interesting in starting a home brew hobby, but always found all the websites and bundles of information daunting.  BrewCrate makes it easy, and offers monthly subscriptions for just $25.00, and three month subscriptions for just $20.00 per month to help you save!  You’ll get everything you need in each kit to easily brew a full gallon beer, or about two six-packs.  You cannot go wrong, so check out BrewCrate today!!


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