Morning Craft 1/24/14: Bohemia Beer


I have no relationship at all with the makers of Bohemia beer – Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma (owned by Heineken), but if I did, I imagine they would be wondering why I have yet to write about their German, Pilsener style offering – Bohemia beer.  After all, I’ve been drinking it for some time now!  While I don’t buy the beer from any stores locally, I have a glass or four every single time I visit my favorite, local Mexican restaurant.  They have a number of American and Mexican brews, and a smattering of European, but I always order Bohemia!

I’ll share a little of the history of the Cuauhtémoc brewery before I move on to talking about their Bohemia offering. According to Wikipedia…

The Cuauhtémoc brewery was founded in Monterrey in 1890 by José Calderón Muguerza, José A. Muguerza, Francisco G. Sada Muguerza, Alberto Sada Muguerza, Isaac Garza Garza (brother in-law of Francisco and Alberto, married to their sister Consuelo Sada Muguerza), Joseph M. Schnaider, and Wilhelm Hasse, with capital of 150,000 pesos, starting with the Carta Blanca brand. Cuauhtémoc brewery produced its first beer barrel in 1893 and won first prize in the Chicago and Paris world fairs.

The history of this brewing company (now a subsidiary of Heineken) is rich and varied, but they are a powerhouse in Mexican brewing now, with plants in Monterrey, Tecate, Navojoa, Guadalajara, Toluca, Orizaba, since 2012 now have a plant in Chihuahua.

The brewery makes around 31 or so beers, with some you will know by heart – Carta Blanca (their first offering they still make) Dos Equis, Sol, and Tecate, and while Bohemia may not be their most famous offering, for me it’s one of their best.

A pale Pilsener, Bohemia takes name from the Czech region that these types of Pilseners come from, and is 5.30% ABV (alcohol by volume).  It’s bottled, canned, and offered on tap year-round, and I’ll say that even if you are not a fan of pale Pilsener’s, you should give Bohemia a try!

A smattering of reviews I read online suggested the beer is too watery, very malty with little hoppiness, but smooth and drinkable.  For the most part, I’ll agree with that generality, but Pilseners are often “watery” anyway, and not normally overly hoppy to start with.  This light hoppiness in the offering I think pairs very well with some of the spicier dishes you get with Mexican quisine.

What I really like about Bohemia is how drinkable and smooth it is, and the citrusy (almost an apple) flavor of the beer.  The beer has a wonderful golden color, and is only slightly darker than most offerings of this type, but it has good carbonation and lacing for a Pilsener, with a decent head on it.

Bottom line is this is just a really good beer, especially paired with Mexican food, and is my go-to beer when I’m chowing down on some tacos, chimichangas, or a nice, spicy chicken breast w/ mole’ sauce!  The next time you are dining out at your favorite Mexican restaurant, check to see if they have Bohemia, and order a glass if they do!  You might be like me, and order more than just one!

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