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Beer Man: Dogfish Head tackles ancient brews

USA Today

Dogfish Head beers recently returned to my home state of Wisconsin after an absence caused by the popularity of the Brew Masters show on the Discovery Channel. Focusing on the day-to-day operations of Dogfish, the show caused such an increase in demand for the brewery’s beers that it stopped distribution to several states.

Despite the show’s high quality, apparently its lack of slack-jawed yokels, pitbulls or paranormal shills did not provide enough of an audience to keep it on the air.

So now, three years later, Dogfish is once again available in my area and the first two beers I ran across were Kvasir and Theobroma, both in 750 ml. bottles and well-suited to winter quaffing.

Kvasir was developed from research that analyzed the contents of a 3,500-year-old drinking vessel made of birch bark found in a woman’s tomb in Denmark. Analysis of the contents resulted in Kvasir, made with lingonberry, cranberry, honey, birch syrup, gale, yarrow and red winter wheat. This sounded right up my alley, especially since I live in the town of Scandinavia.

The 10% ABV beer is a cranberry color and the berries carry the flavor. Lingonberry has a flavor somewhat like a cross between cranberry and currants, and was very noticeable, as was the honey.



Railhouse Takes Three Medals


Railhouse Brewery in Aberdeen, North Carolina, won three medals at the 2013 Craft Beer Awards International Competition held in Los Angeles, California. Mastiff Oatmeal Stout and KA-BAR Brown received gold medals, and FCA IPA received a silver medal.

“It is very fulfilling to see our beers honored in this way. We know we make great beer, and it’s nice to see others agree” said co-owner and brewmaster Brian Evitts.

About Railhouse Brewery: Railhouse Brewery, located in downtown Aberdeen, NC, has produced and distributed high quality craft beer since December 2010.  Railhouse Brewery is owned and operated by Mike Ratkowski (General Manager) and Brian Evitts (Brewmaster).  Year-round and seasonal styles include the following: Pale Ale, Honey Wheat, English Ale, KA-BAR Brown Ale, Mastiff Oatmeal Stout, Vanilla Porter, FCA IPA, and Barlyewine.  The Railhouse Pub, located next door to the Brewery, is open daily for patrons to grab a burger, sample the beers, enjoy a pint, fill a growler, or grab a six-pack to take home. Visit railhousebrewery.com for more information.



Jester King Commercial Suicide Release TONIGHT


(Austin, TX) – Our latest batch of Commercial Suicide, fermented with a blend of brewers’ yeasts, Brettanomyces yeasts, naturally occurring wild yeasts native to our land in the Texas Hill Country, and souring bacteria, will be available starting this evening at the Jester King Brewery tasting room, both to drink on site and in bottles to go.

This batch, which was brewed in early October, features a slightly adjusted grain bill, and utilizes French oak spirals, rather than American oak. After having sampled several test batches, we felt that these changes worked very well in conjunction with the multi-strain fermentation to produce a more complex, well-rounded beer. Following a full two months fermentation and maturation in stainless steel, the beer was naturally conditioning for an additional month in bottles, kegs and casks. Though still quite malty, the current batch of Commercial Suicide ferments even drier than before, with a finishing gravity of 1.000. The presence of souring bacteria in combination with relatively mild hopping, also results in a moderate tartness that provides a nice counterbalance to the perceived sweetness of the malt.




[Editorial Note: A few days old, but interesting, to a point! ;-)]


Which do you prefer: Light or dark spirits? As it turns out, your answer may be a good indicator of your political orientation.

According to new research, Democrats prefer clear drinks, while their Republican counterparts would rather enjoy a serving of brown liquor.

Liberals appear to like their Grey Goose and Smirnoff vodkas, while Republicans opt for Wild Turkey and Jim Beam whiskey.

Champagne? That appears to be a drink for individuals on the left.

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