Good People Brewing's Coffee Oatmeal Stout


Perhaps I’m biased when I talk about Good People Brewing Company‘s Coffee Oatmeal Stout.  After all, I live in Birmingham, Alabama, and what a coincidence – Good People Brewing Company calls Birmingham home as well!

I don’t think bias has as much to do with it though, as the simple fact that Good People Brewing Company, a brewery that started their business just about seven years ago, makes some of the best craft beer in the country, at least in my opinion.  I say that with confidence, having sampled craft beers from all over the country for many years.

But this article is not designed to highlight the company, although that’s certainly on my future agenda.  No, I just want to take a moment to share with you the dark, malty coffee goodness of one of the best stouts I’ve ever tasted!

If you enjoy hoppy beer, a good stout, and enjoy the rich, coffee flavor throw in, then you’ll want to try a glass of the complex, richly flavored Coffee Oatmeal Stout crafted by the Good People Brewing Company.  They describe this stout as follows…

Known to fans as C-O-S, our Coffee Oatmeal Stout delivers a big coffee taste followed by a wallop of Willamette hops. Complex and flavorful, amazingly sessionable. Good after a meal.

C-O-S is a dark beer, on the bitter side of the flavor spectrum, and contains Columbus and Williamette (packs a wallop) hops, along with pale malt and five other specialty malts to deliver one superior tasting beer!  It’s 5.7% ABV (Alcohol by Volume), and is perfect, in my opinion, paired with a rich meal or even with a desert offering.  Think of it just like you would a cup of coffee with your favorite desert, and then if you want something special to go with that cheesecake, you might try a full glass of C-O-S.

I highly recommend this beer if you’ve yet to try it.  You can visit Good People Brewing Company’s website, check out their offerings, learn a bit about the company’s history, and use their Beer Locator service to find out where you can go to start sippin’ or gulpin’!  As I said earlier, soon I’ll spotlight this wonderful, little brewery.  Until then, go find some of their wonderful beer, and enjoy!

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