Beer Baseball! Weekend Drinking Game

As the weekend approaches, we have a new feature here at Everything On Tap – The Weekend Drinking Game!  On Friday of every week, we’ll post our pick for the coming weekend’s drinking game, complete with the items you’ll need, description of the game, and the rules.  All you have to do is join with friends, play, and try to be responsible. Good luck with that, right?

For our first weekend’s featured drinking game, I’m picking a game I enjoy because it’s fun, provides plenty of drinking, and is akin to my favorite sport – Baseball!  There are multiple variants of the Baseball Drinking Game, but I’ll share with you the Major League version and the Minor League version.


Beer Baseball – Major League Variant


Baseball and gallons of beer don’t normally go together so well, unless you’re a bleacher bum just watching the game, but those of you who aim more toward the consumption of beer rather than the consumption of baseball activities, this game’s for you!  All you’ll need is to have or acquire some of the typical quarter bouncing skills you find in a ton of other drinking games.  

Stuff You’ll Need

  • 1 Quarter (and a few more won’t hurt, case you guys lose them and have trouble finding them due to high ABV)
  • Alternatively, you can use a ping pong ball as your “baseball” of choice.
  • 10 Cups (Of the plastic variety preferably, as broken glass tends to cut and send players to the ER)
  • Plenty of beer (You can decide on the prices you want to pay, and the ABV content)


First, you want to line up four stacks of cups on a beer-proof table.  The first stack is just a single cup (a baseball single).  The 2nd stack is two cups (baseball double).  The third stack is three cups (a baseball triple), and the last stack, the 4th stack, should consist of 4 cups (a base second a double (2 cups), the third a triple (3 cups), and the fourth a home run (4 cups).

Each team simply goes through their own rotation, each member attempting to bounce the quarter into one of the stacks. If they make it (single, double, triple, or homer), the other team fills and drinks from all cups in the appropriate stack. If they miss, it counts as an out. Each team gets 3 outs an inning, and you’re not restricted to a mere 9 innings if you want to continue acting silly!  The players (or runners if you will) advance normally (just like in baseball), and the winner with the highest score (or the less inebriated team) wins!


Beer Baseball – Minor League Variant

Simple here – for lightweights, you play the game the same as the description and rules above, except that you’ll be using shots instead of full cups, or you could use dixie cups for a touch more safety.


Parting Shot

So, this weekend, if your regular watering hole has no problem with a bunch of people playing this quality drinking game, go for it.  If they do, then you can certainly buy up your preferred beer and supplies, and have fun at home.  Either way, drink responsibly, and have fun!