Spritz into summer: why this season belongs to the wine spritzer

Summer Sips: The Rise of Wine Spritzers as Season Favorites
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It’s classic. It’s timeless. It’s iconic. It’s the Spritz. Comprised of only three
ingredients—Prosecco, digestive bitters, and soda water—this absurdly inviting and naturally
refreshing beverage is poised to be the toast of the summer. The term “spritz,” or “spritzen” in
German translates to “to splash or spray,” perfectly capturing the essence of this cool drink on a
hot summer’s day.

Originating in Italy in the 1800s, the spritz has quenched thirsts for centuries. While it's an
age-old beverage, don’t mention its antiquity to the innovative brands shaking up the spritz
scene for the modern palate. The selection of spritzes available today is unparalleled, with
several newcomers stepping up, eager to showcase their unique take on this wine-based
cocktail. We are definitely here for this refreshing evolution!

Who’s who in the new Spritz scene?

The spritz industry has bubbled over with excitement in recent years. Brands like Delola
Spritzers, Loverboy Limoncello Spritz, The Spritz (by Sazerac), and Spritz Society have all burst
onto the scene, providing consumers with an enticing variety of options.

Delola Spritz, backed by none other than Jennifer Lopez, eliminates the hassle of mixology with
its pre-made concoction, offering an easy 'open, pour over ice, and serve' solution that comes in
three different flavors—ideal for any spritz-worthy occasion.

Loverboy, initially known for their hard teas, couldn't resist diving into the spritz market. Their
new Limoncello Spritz is causing quite the stir, and you can sign up on their website to get a
taste of what promises to be a summer favorite.

The Spritz by Sazerac Co. is looking to make a mark with their eye-catching bottles and
convenient pop-top design, crafted to entice both the eye and the palate. According to Lauren
Selman, Director of Global Growth & Innovation at Sazerac, their strategy is about creating an
experience that goes beyond the beverage.

Spritz Society is redefining the ready-to-drink cocktail with a focus on unique flavors and
inclusive experiences. Their partnership with Claussen Pickle has resulted in a pickle-flavored
spritz that's as unconventional as it is popular. With flavors mainly in the berry and citrus
profiles, Spritz Society is not just another cocktail in a can.

Spritzes are here to stay

As we look ahead, it's clear that spritzes are more than just a trend—they are a lifestyle. This
summer, as you find yourself reaching for a refreshing drink, why not choose a spritz? Whether
you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, lounging by the pool, or simply enjoying the sunset from
your balcony, there’s a spritz for every occasion and taste.

Embrace the spritz this season. It's more than just a cocktail; it's a way to make every moment a
little more special and a lot more refreshing. Here's to a summer of splashes, sprays, and
sensational spritzes. Cheers to that!