NPR Refutes Jim Koch's Yeast Trick To Not Get Drunk: EOT Beer News

If you remember, there was a trending story a few months ago about how Jim Koch (founder of Samuel Adams Brewing Company) revealed his trick for being able to drink heavily in necessary professional settings, without becoming too drunk. His secret was the ingestion of yeast before the drinking session. According to this theory, the yeast chemically process the alcohol that you drink, before your body can. It seemed like a nifty trick.

Well, National Public Radio (NPR) decided to challenge Mr. Koch’s theory. After all, they reasoned, yeast take sugar and make alcohol: they do not intake alcohol and process it! So, NPR conducted a (relatively) scientific test on the theory. And as a result, they concluded that the theory is simply not true. Click here to read the entire story from NPR. After reading it, I am convinced that NPR is correct. But what do you think?

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