Lagunitas Considers Building Third Brewery: EOT Beer News

If you are a fan of Lagunitas beer, then you know that the company produces several highly-rated, delicious craft beers. Lagunitas Brewing was founded in 1993 by Tony Magee in Lagunitas, California. The company is very fast-growing, and they receive consistently high ratings on their beers. The company moved its facilities to Petaluma, California when it began to grow. But this year, Lagunitas announced that it will be buying facilities in Chicago in order to open a taproom.

Well, confidential sources have it that Tony Magee plans to build and open a third brewery (possibly in California). This would mean great news for Lagunitas, and for craft beer in general. Historically, craft breweries have been very small operations. But more and more, these craft brewers have been growing larger, and that is good news. The more really good craft beer that is available for people to try and enjoy, the more craft beer will become an important part of culture. So, we certainly hope that the rumors are true, and that Lagunitas continues to expand.

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