Cold Beer Grocery Sales Struck Down In Indiana: EOT Beer News

If you want to buy cold beer in an Indiana grocery store or convenience store, then you are out of luck. A lawsuit that sought to allow these sales has been struck down by Chief Judge Richard Young, an Indiana federal judge. The judge upheld the current Indiana state law. The Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association filed the lawsuit in May 2013.

So why does it matter if a store sells cold beer or beer at room temperature? Well, the idea behind the issue is that people prefer to buy cold beer so they can drink it sooner, rather than buying it warm and taking it home to chill. Therefore, stores that sell cold beer would sell more beer than if they only sold warm beer.

The problem, according to the government, is that, if stores begin selling lots more beer all of a sudden, then the Indiana State Excise Police would not be able to adequately enforce state liquor laws.

According to Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association Executive Director Scot Imus,”Our members and Hoosiers are disappointed that the court did not rule to end an irrational, discriminatory and outdated law. There is wide-support to modernize Indiana’s alcohol laws, and we will continue to fight for fairness in the marketplace.”

In this reporter’s opinion, it seems like a strange excuse against chilled beer sales, that the police would not be able to enforce the law. Why not hire more police? Higher beer sales means higher taxes going to the government, so I am not sure exactly why anyone would oppose it. And while not all beer is meant to be served cold, and even those that are, are not meant to be served as Arctic-cold as they usually are, still, many people like a cold beer on a hot afternoon, and it would be convenient to be able to buy one at a store. We at Everything On Tap hope that Indiana will, indeed, modernize its liquor laws soon.

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