Montgomery County Maryland Loosens Craft Beer Laws: EOT Beer News

Some counties in the US are famous (infamous?) for their Draconian, Puritanical beer laws. For example, some counties in Tennessee, Arkansas, and other states, are dry counties, meaning that you cannot buy or sell alcohol there. Some places have blue laws, forbidding the buying and selling (and in some places, the consumption) of alcohol on Sundays. While Montgomery County, Maryland is not quite that bad, they have still traditionally been a bit strict on craft brewers. The country has very restrictive laws on how craft beer may be distributed.

Maryland House Bill 132 proposes that craft brewers who obtain certain licenses, should be allowed to distribute their own beer, meaning that would legally be able to sell and deliver it to bars, restaurants, and pubs. While there is much more legalese that t in this article, we prefer to simply make the point that, the less restrictive craft beer laws become, the more craft beer will be available to consumers, and the better the craft beer economy will do overall. Let’s hope that other restrictive counties around the US follow Montgomery County’s lead.

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