Yuengling Among Others to be Considered 'Craft' Beer in 2015

The Brewers Association (BA) changed the conditions under which a particular beer can be considered a ‘craft’ beer. The old rule stated that a brewery that produced no more than 2 million barrels per year were considered ‘craft’, in a rule established in 2010.

The limit will now be raised to 6 million barrels per year in 2015, which now encompasses popular breweries such as Narragansett, August Schell, and the aforementioned Yuengling, according to a HuffingtonPost.com report

The rule brings attention to Yuengling, an already supremely popular beer produced by America’s oldest brewery, now gets grouped with the exploding craft beer scene, all without any sense of a change in direction from the company, given the differences in the methods of brewing between Yuengling and other common craft beers which were included as such in the old rule.

“[The craft definition] is always subject to change based upon the board’s desires,” David Casinelli, COO of Yuengling said. “When you now have close to 3,000 actual craft brewers or brew pubs in the USA all making very wide ranges of styles and adding limitless ingredients, it’s very hard to have a definition that’s totally inclusive.”

Now the craft beer market will expand almost exponentially as the umbrella of what is considered a craft beer takes on a whole new meaning next year.

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