Denver County Fair: No Beer, Plenty Of Marijuana! EOT Beer News

I guess we should have seen this coming as a sign of the times. After all, unless you have been living on Mars for a while, then you probably know that the state of Colorado allows people to grow and use marijuana for recreational purposes, under certain conditions. Coloradans, especially those in the modern city of Denver, are known for a few things. First, they tend to be open-minded and progressive. Second, they love craft beer. Third, they are laid back and happy. So, it is not that big of a surprise, I suppose, that the upcoming 2014 Denver County Fair (August 1-3) will have a marijuana booth. The problem for us craft beer enthusiasts, however, is that there was going to be a craft beer booth, but it was replaced by the pot kiosk. Well, that does not sit well with me, and I know I cannot be the only who feels that way. Yet apparently, the issue is not so much that the fair organizers have anything against beer, but rather an issue of legal licensing and space.

According to fair organizer Dana Cain, “Originally, the Beer Pavilion and the Pot Pavilion were going to be side by side on the over-21 floor.”

But K-M Concessions owns the space, and for reasons unknown, they decided that only certain beers will be allowed to be sold at the fair, thus making an entire beer pavilion non-cost-effective and a waste of space. So, blame K-M, not the fair organizers. Still, there will be some beer available at the fair. Ms. Cain continues, “The beer is ramping up. Not as much as we thought and wanted, but there will be more beer and more varieties for sampling and for purchase.”

I personally do not use marijuana, but I am pretty convinced that it is basically harmless, or at least less harmful than heavy drinking and especially cigarette smoking. And while I can understand the enthusiasm for it in a state where it is legal to use for fun, I still, as a craft beer enthusiast, know that the good people of Denver love their craft beer. Perhaps a more balanced approach by K-M would be better?

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