Knee Deep Brewery To Sell In Michigan: EOT Beer News

The Knee Deep Brewing Company of Auburn, California produces some award-winning brews. But while California is a really great state for craft beer, Michigan is almost legendary in its love for beer, and its creative craft breweries. Well, the good news for the entire span of US craft beer is that Knee Deep is expanding its distribution into Michigan. Distributor the Henry A. Fox Sales Company will be billing Knee Deep beers as part of its signature collection. The Michigan liquor commission has approved the expansion, so Knee Deep beer should be available to Michigan craft beer fans this summer, 2014. Knee Deep’s most highly-rated beers are Hoptologist DIPA and Simtra Triple IPA, but they also produce some other nice brews. So score one for US craft beer culture, and best of luck to Knee Deep in Michigan.

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