New Map Of Bars v. Grocery Stores In All 50 States: EOT Beer News

In your state and in your city or town, do people like to go out drinking more, or shop for food more? Or, do they buy beer at the grocery store and drink at home? Well, a fascinating new map has been created by the website, which visualizes numerical data in very graphic and interesting ways. The map in question plots bars and grocery stores all over the continental United States.

Apparently, Wisconsin has quite alot of bars, far outnumbering grocery stores, while states in the southeast favor grocery stores by far. The areas with more bars than groceries are in the Midwest, Wisconsin (2.7 times more bars than grocery stores), North Central, and parts of the Southwest. The Southern states focus more on grocery stores. But I am proud to say that the one tiny area of the map that represents New Orleans shows more bars.

Speaking of Wisconsin, residents drank an average of 1.46 gallons of beer and 1.16 gallons of spirits per person, in 2012 (based on this report). The average American drank about 1.13 gallons of beer and 0.78 gallons of spirits. But when it comes to the state that drinks the most beer and spirits in the entire continental US, New Hampshire takes the prize, with an average consumption of 1.9 gallons per person. But people in Idaho and D.C. drink the most wine. So take a look at the map above. Do you feel that it accurately represents your state, if you live in the US?

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