Rogue Ales Founder Jack Joyce Dead at 71: EOT Beer News

Jack Joyce has died at the age of 71. The name Jack Joyce is known and idolized in the craft beer world. Mr. Joyce was a practicing attorney while simultaneously a Nike executive when he decided to start brewing craft beer. He founded Rogue Ales in Ashland, Oregon in 1988, and was Oregon’s first craft brewer. The Rogue company dedicated itself to producing flavorful, hoppy beers, and became a huge success with such headliners as Rogue Dead Guy Ale. The company also hold the distinction of being the first US craft brewer to sell beer in Japan. In fact, Japan’s current booming craft beer movement can be attributed in part to Rogue and Jack Joyce.

Rogue Ales also distills spirits and owns its own hop farms. Embracing a farm-to-table, or in this case, farm-to-glass philosophy, the company encompasses all that is the spirit of craft brewing and craft beer. Mr. Joyce was also a huge supporter of Oregon and its craft brewing movement and culture. Jack Joyce was a great name in craft brewing, and he will be greatly missed.

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