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Oregon is known as one the first, and still the great, hubs of the craft beer movement in the US. Portland in particular is a beery city, and it seems like new breweries are popping up overnight on every corner. So, when is enough enough? Has Portland reached a point of market saturation, where craft beer is in too much of an abundance? And, should anything be done about it?

These are the questions that Damon Runberg tried to answer. Mr. Runberg is an economist who works for the Oregon Employment Department. Despite the perception that Oregon is one big craft brewery, the truth, according to the research, is that the state is not, in fact, saturated with beer (pun intended).

According to Runberg,”It seems like every time you look over your shoulder there’s another brewery that’s popping up down the street. A lot of people are noticing substantial growth.”

As of summer 2013, the study found 188 brewing establishments in Oregon. That may sound like a large number, but it ends up being one brewery for every 21,000 people in Oregon. The craft beer industry currently employes 5,127 workers, with an average yearly salary of $28,190 — relatively low for Oregon’s average of $44,000 per year.

You can read Mr. Runberg’s full report here.

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