10 Barrel Free Beer Vending Machine! EOT Beer News

10 Barrel Brewing Company had a novel idea to promote their new Summer seasonal beer called Swill. The company calls Swill the perfect blend of American Sour and multiple layers of citrus. Well, in order to create a bit of a buzz surrounding the beer, 10 Barrel created a vending machine that dispensed the beer for free! That’s right, the company took the free-beer vending machine to various locations throughout Oregon, Idaho, and Washington.

In order to receive a free beer, people only had to insert a legal photo ID card that verified that they were 21 years of age or older. When the card was verified, the machine dispensed a free beer. This sounds like a very creative, whimsical way to promote a new beer. Imagine if every beer company would do this all over the country. You would take a nice walk around town, and end up with several free craft beers!

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