MillerCoors Becomes Richer, Beer World Becomes Poorer: EOT Beer News

MillerCoors is the corporation behind some of the world’s worst beers, including Miller Light and Coors Light. These beers tend to be watery, sour, corn sodas. If this sounds like a rather opinionated article to be branded as news, then I suppose you are right, but since the explosion of the craft beer movement in the US, it seems like a huge waste of time and money to drink anything from MillerCoors. They are, without a doubt, interested in profits and sales over quality — at all costs.

It seems odd to me, then, that their beer is so popular. MillerCoors has really cleaned house in the first fiscal quarter of 2014, netting $291.9 million, an increase of 7.4% over Q1 of last year. According to a press release from the company, “This income growth was driven by positive pricing and sales mix, cost savings, and lower marketing spending, primarily due to timing differences versus last year.”

I believe that the company’s press release regarding their Coors Light beer is telling: “Coors Light declined mid-single digits in the first quarter. The brand will connect with legal drinking age millennial consumers in 2014 by introducing new, cutting-edge designs on packaging each trimester. Last week, Coors Light introduced its first line extension, Coors Light Summer Brew, which will be available exclusively in 10 ounce cans while supplies last. Coors Light will engage sports fans and Latino consumers by continuing its partnership with the LigaMx soccer league and through advertising during this year’s World Cup broadcasts from Brazil.”

It seems that, according to the company, the drinkers choosing this beer have just turned 21, and are dazzled by shiny, colorful bottles and television advertising. This is bad news for the craft beer world. While the very low price of MillerCoors products may influence some drinkers whose goal is only to get drunk, it is up to craft brewers to educate consumers about what is good beer, and what is not. And so, while the MillerCoors net profit increase is a good sign for the economy, it is a bad sign for good beer everywhere, and the people who love it.

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