Morning Draft Beer: Sweetwater Second Helping IPA

If you’ve been drinking craft beer for any length of time at all, and are not sight-impaired, then you will certainly be aware of the Sweetwater Brewing Company.  Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, they are one of my favorites not just because of the quality craft beer they brew, but because of my bias for the Atlanta Braves!  No, I don’t need a reason better than that, and while Sweetwater is not directly related to the  Braves, they do come out of the same city.  Ok, I promise to refrain from saying more about the Braves!

Seriously, Sweetwater Brewing Company brews some fine craft beer, and today I’ll spotlight one of their best – Second Helping IPA.  If you live outside the Atlanta area, this brew’s a touch hard to get, as it is only a limited release, and designed to benefit charity work.  The Sweetwater Brewing Company puts it this way…

Sometimes a beer is more than a beer – it’s hope. Our goal with Second Helping IPA is just that. We tag-teamed this IPA, brewed with juniper berries, with our pals at The Giving Kitchen – an awesome local organization dedicated to helping folks from the hospitality industry who have hit a rough patch or experienced catastrophic emergencies.

Second Helping will be a limited release brew only available in Atlanta, and 100% of profits from the beer will be donated right back to the amazing stuff The Giving Kitchen is doing. Just one small way we can help pay it forward. For more info on what they’re all about, make sure you visit their website and check out the video below.

Second Helping IPA from SweetWater Brewery on Vimeo.


RateBeer reviews give Sweetwater Second Helping IPA a great score, overall of 92, and having sampled this terrific seasonal, I concur.  The recipe for this seasonal includes juniper berries, which while there is some argument about whether you can actually taste them (who really has often tasted juniper berries?), there is certainly some pretty strong floral notes in this IPA.  It’s fairly light, but certainly more hoppy and flavorful than many of Sweetwater’s more available craft offerings.  If you can get to Atlanta to grab a brew, or finagle a few samples in some other fashion, go for it.  You won’t regret it!

Sweetwater Brewing Company’s slogan has always been, Don’t Float The Mainstream, and I have always absolutely loved that slogan!  It perfectly sums up, in just a few words, what the love of craft beer is all about.  Those of us who enjoy great craft beer in place of the usual national offerings are doing just that – not floating down the main.  Sweetwater embodies that philosophy, and even if they have become very popular, they have many offerings that embody that philosophy as well.


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