What is Crow's Nest, the mystery beer at the Masters Tournament?

The mysterious brew is only served four days out of the year.
The Masters - Preview Day 2
The Masters - Preview Day 2 / Harry How/GettyImages

The Masters is currently taking place at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, GA, and golf enthusiasts from all over are spending a pretty penny to watch the world's best golfers play at the country's best golf course. But did you know that there is a beer exclusively brewed to be served at the Masters? One that has been a fan favorite since its introduction in 2021.

Crow's Nest Was brought in to replace Blue Moon ale on the Master’s menu back in 2021, a menu that is known for its affordable concessions. Similar to Blue Moon, Crow's Nest is a Belgian wheat ale, but instead of an orange peel, many beer enthusiasts believe that Crows Nest uses a lemon peel. 

Many have questioned the origin of Crow's Nest, the introduction of the beer and its brewing location are both mysteries to golf fans. Due to the similarity in taste, it is rumored the Molson Coors Company is responsible for brewing Crow's Nest as they are the same brewers of Blue Moon -- something that Golf.com looked into, during a recent investigation of the beer.

But coming in at only $6 (the same as a domestic or imported beer at the Masters), and served in a commemorative green souvenir cup that displays the Masters logo, these same golf fans choose to enjoy quality beer without questioning its origin.

The Masters shop even offers shirts with the Crow's Nest logo on it. Impressive for a brew that is only served four days out of the year. 

We shouldn't expect to find out about the origins of Crow’s Nest anytime soon, but perhaps the mystery adds to the grandeur of the Masters. I know I'd love to solve this delicious mystery for myself!

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