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Craft Beer Production Rises 18% at Mid-Year Mark

As craft beer continues to surge in the market, and breweries maintain their meteoric rise to mainstream prominence, the cold hard statistics have also corroborated what looked to be the biggest expansion of the craft beer industry to date.

In a study carried out by the Brewer’s Association (BA), the craft beer industry shows a doubling of production quantities since 2010. That doesn’t take in to account the entire 2014 year, but instead, just the first half of the year, in a year where the market has risen exponentially. This leads to big expectations for the second half of the year as an average of 10.6 million barrels (the total for the first half of 2014), is in no way a consistent average, but instead, a sign of what’s to come.

The chief economist for the BA spoke about the explosion of the craft beer industry, as quoted by

“This is certainly the fastest midyear growth we’ve seen in the current period of growth,” Watson said. He noted that the only time production increases have exceeded 18 percent were in the 1980s and early 1990s, when there were far fewer breweries to use as a base for comparison. “I think it continues to show the sustainability of craft beer. The demand is strong and diffuse across the country.”

Even bigger numbers are expected for 2015 as the allowance for what can be considered a ‘craft’ beer are to be risen from two million barrels to six million barrels, which now encompasses popular beers such as Yuengling, Narragansett, and August Schell.

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